Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stay Strong.

hey hi everyone. Another big thing just happened. i heard that person who was  a big part of my dreams say that he doesnt want to talk to me. for no fucking reason. so instead of crying like an idiot and every other girl and posting status about break up and stuff all i am gonna do is write this one thing.
I cant let anyone treat me like shit. So yeaaa i am over it though that fuck just happened like a few minutes ago but guess what, i cant let nothing change who I am. I will always be who I am. and i got bigger dreams to follow. so yeaa i gotta go now and do some photography.
byee everyone, stay strong!!!

P.S i am so PROUD of myself, i didnt shed a  single tear. oooh n by the way,  anyone whos having a break up, listen to this song, its awesome x)

ooh and there are two main lessons for today. Music is the best psychatrist. and Dont Let Anyone Treat You Like Shit. ;) \m/ keep rocking, adios amigos!

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  1. P.S it was all a BIG misunderstanding XD but anyways, the lessons are worth it I guess x)