Monday, July 2, 2012

High on tartaric acid?

Yellow people! /
Sorry i havent been writing for  a while, its just that ever since my holidays started I have been looking for inspiration. Well, today I finally plucked up enough courage to start with that book I always planned to write about. I am not sure what to title it, yet, but its a big thing for me anyways.

Anyways, there isnt much going on in my life these days and I havent really come across anything inspiring or done anything productive. just chilling, eating grapes, enjoying life :P

Oh yea, that reminds me, you should give yourself some time to relax every once in a while. Just take a break and chill out. have grapes? :D come over to my crib, we shall partyyyy OH DEAR READERS!! :D haha its almost 4 am here in camel land and i am high, on tartaric acid maybe? been awake all night :3

oh and check out, Part of Me by katy perry, its really awesome! haha look at me. I cant believe i am actually writing this entire shit as someones gonna read it excpet syavash might? :P

OH oh oh and and and Its been a long time since I have been waiting fo avril to come up with a good album. even though she means a lott o me and has been my favorite singer for 6 years, things are changing now. She has changed, may be grown to boring for me? Well, she has definitely changed after her divorce with derick and i cant say i havent changed! so I dont know whose to blame? But Katy perry is my favorite singer now.

I will always love avril to bits now, and even now she is one of those people whom I dream of meeting. I still remmeber standing in my lounge at my home back in lahore, listening to her single My happy ending, form her album under my skin. How i had seen spider man in the video and immediately fell in love. Under My skin was quite popular those days on MTV. So that was the first english song I properly listened to and I loved it. and ever since, Avril Lavigne had been my favorite singer. She still has a special place in my heart, its just i cant relate to her album goodbye lullaby so much and i have been waiting for her to come up with another single since march 2011. Ah well, time holds a great power to change things. to change people.

Anyways yea thats pretty much it for today, peace out people.
love you all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


hi.i dont feel like writing lengthy stuff these days.
lfe sucks.
sick of people.
sick of all the endless drama.
sick of this eternal sickness polluting the air i breathe in.
sick of the cold.
sick of not getting any privacy
sick of being lazy
sick of not being able thot hink i am jsut so fucking sick of everything i cant even think straight why wont people leave me alone i need time bymyself i wanna runaway. I WANNA RUNAWAY. I FUCKING WANNA RUNAWAY. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

worlds left unsaid, i hate myself.

this blog entry is for no one. i hope no one reads it ever. not even syavash. i know tehres no point in writing it oever here but my diary is too far away(i think i am going to mkae a new blog, of which's link i am not going to give to anyone or maybe keep it private) but as for now, i am too upset(and too lazy, as always) to get up n get my diary n write(with a pen; i prefer typing instead of writing).
Anyways, i am not upset because of anyone. anyone but me. its  no one's fault except a mere misunderstanding and a bit of mine. thus, "i hate myself." and i have to change. these days, not only am i overly emotional and full of acne, i have got another problem. i have started to be way too much sensitive, like my mami :s i get offended when my bestfriend calls me "crazy" though if it was anyone else, i know i wouldnt have so thats a problem. why am i getting offended by what my BESTFRIEND SAYS, SOMEONE I LOVE More thna anyone else in this fuckd up world!!! thats JUST SO WRONG/ i have to correct myself. this my goal, not gonna get offended by stupid stuff and not gonna take everything negatively. i am turning into a BIGGGG fat ass pessimist!!! an asshole. anddd saima mami though shes not an asshole but i am starting to adapt some of her bad habits which even she probably wishes she din have or atleast because of which her husbad isnt himself when hes with her, he feels uncomfortable to be with anyone else when shes there n its not because of love, its because shes overly possesive and he gets scared she might mind. so heres a list of things why i hate myself and why i got to correct myself or else i'll loos my bestfriend. becuase even now though i was really sorry, from the core of my heart, he dint even let me try much and went away because its turning into a regular thing and so my words were this time, left unsaid. though, thinking positivly(wow i cant believe i am being optimist, this goal thing must be really working) as paulo coelho said "the strongest love is love that can demonstrate its fragility" but i guess being fragile and being stupid are two dfrnt things and i should stop getting offended by what anyone says. i know i promised myself i'd never chnage, not even one bit, not even the bad habits like rebelling or disobeying because i believe that thats the stuff that makes me who i am and those who truly love me would ignore it and forgive me and accept me for who i am. but this is for someone special, some one i cant afford to loose, because if  i do, i'll loose all of myself, not just the bad habits. i know he has got some bad habits too like not doing any laad to me even if i ASK for it, and not just once, a lot of times but i love him more and i need him more than he needs me probably and even though he is always trying to win the argument but i'd rather loose the argument than loose him. so this is for syavash, i am changing myself for him and i hope it pays off.

my first try of being optimistic: i know what happened was bad, i hate fighting with my bestfriend. but then again, "what happens, happens for the best." looking in the past, all of our previous fights have only brought as closer, atleast thats what my opinion is. and they have only made me understand him better though i only got to know the bad parts about him because of that but i really do hope it was for the best. after all these fights are the ones compelling me to change myself. though my eyes are teary now, while we were talking he was in a rush so he dint let me finish trying to cheer me up and went away and now i wont get to see him and talk to him because mama is scolding me and asking me to switch the pc off aand go to sleep. and tmrw is gonna be a busy day becuase i have to buy my uniform and everything and then he'll be off to arabia so now i dont know when i'll see him again. i hate this. i hate myself. i hate fighting with him. i dont want to loose him or turn our relationship into that of faisal mamoo mami :/ i dont want to finish "us" so this is my sacrifice, for "us." i hope it pays off. the quicker i change these habits, the better. and since i am changing these for syavash i might as well thank him, "thanks Syavash.i love you."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


hey everybody, this post is for a logo making contest at and I am a part of it. this is the shirt i designed so please check it out and votee!! :D if you have an acnt on dA thats awesome, if not, please make one and vote, it wont take more than 5 minutes. and would be even better if you all help me spread the word ;) I gotta go now, campaign.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Facebook Era

As defined by the Free Online dictionary, an era is a period of time characterized by particular  circumstances, events or personages. Through out the history of the world, there  have been numerous eras in different areas around the globe. The Mughal Era is an example of one of the eras the Indian Subcontinent has lived through. The Christian era is another example of an Era. There are numerous such examples of eras like The Colonial era of U.S history and many more. 
With utter disappointment and shame I have to admit that the current era I am living in is The Facebook Era. Facebook, which was once upon a time merely a way of connecting between the students of the Harvard university has now become an absolute necessity. If you are not online for a day or two, your comrades start calling you to check whether you are ok, whether you are alive, whether you are at your home or lying on a hospital bed with a drip injected in your wrist. In short, people start to worry about you, big time. Not only is Facebook now important for those who want to continue with their social life, its also essential to know whats going on around the world. Not only have the facebook wallposts replaced letters and emails, they have also replaced news papers. Around 2 years ago I myself used to read the morning newspaper but now all i do is devour my breakfast while scrolling down my Facebook homepage on my new Ipod touch. Facebook has also become a way of advertising for companies and brands like Nike, Canon and the favorite coffeehouse of us all ; Starbucks. All our role models, favorite singers, soccer players, bands, and inspirations now have a Facebook page to update us;their fans about their novels, albums, songs, and  even what message their pet cats have for us.

People have become so addicted to Facebook that according to a recent research in Japan, their brains are as addicted to Facebook as those of a person addicted to intoxicants such as Marijuana and Opium. Creative young people with wild imagination and hidden talents like me and many others of my age who have the ability to do stuff  much more productive than think of the best caption for their Facebook profile picture are wasting  away their precious time liking "Facebook likes". Facebook has become such a huge waste of time especially for youngsters that in certain countries for example China, they have banned this website.

As for me, I am done wasting my life on Facebook and from now on I promise you, my dear readers, and I promise myself that I am not going to spend more than two hours a day on Facebook and I am going to start again with making short films, drawing anime, reading, writing and continuing with my other hobbies. As for the rest of you, I have given you your wake up call. Stop wasting your life on Facebook, years from now when your grand children ask you what your favorite hobby was in your youth, you'll feel ashamed to tell them that all you used to do at teh time was use Facebook. Now is the time, make something out of yourselves. I believe each one of you souls out there has got a talent, something  they are good at, something other than uploading cool statuses!! Use it. Use your talent and make a name for yourself. Become somebody. Show the world that there is more to you than what they think. That you are a successful individual who made something of his self and that you ain't a nobody. And that nothing could stop you from being awesome, not even the Facebook Addiction.

Was Salam, Minahil Ghafoor.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

a start at video making

hey guys! Guess what? i am back to video making and this is the first one I made, check it out Yo!

Peace! ;)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project 1- another dream being chased.

heyy everybody, sorry I haven't posted much in a while, it's not like I am busy or anything, its just that I didn't really have anything to write about. So instead of being completely useless, I have been working on my photography. Sometimes I really wish I could post those pictures here, but then again, I can't risk them getting stolen.

Anyways, back to the topic; "Project 1-". I don't remember whether I have told you that one of my goals in life is to make my own clothing line. I have a name for it but once again I am too afraid to post it here incase it gets stolen since I don't have it legally registered or anything so as for now i have named it as Project 1-. I plan to work on it properly once I am done with my A levels/high school though today I made one unofficial tank top for the clothing line and this is my unforgettable dreamer moment. There is no lesson in this post or a story , I am just writing about it to make it more memorable. I love the shirt and all my other designs for Project 1. The idea for Project 1 struck me when I was out shopping with my brother and I couldnt find a single t-shirt which I might actually like. Its not that I am choosy, Its just that the kind off clothes and designs that I want to wear are hard to find; a mixture of punk, goth, graffiti and a little rockstarish effect. I was mad at all the Pakistani female designer wears and clothing lines such as StoneAge because the kind of shirts I wanted to buy were only present in the men's wear section of those stores so I decided to make my own clothing line when I grow up, for independent personalities and dreamers like Myself.

Thats all for today plus I found this really great quote which I would like to put here though it doesnt really go with the topic much:
"Behind every creative adult is a child who survived."-Unknown source.
Farvel folks =) see you soon, stay blessed!