Tuesday, February 14, 2012


hi.i dont feel like writing lengthy stuff these days.
lfe sucks.
sick of people.
sick of all the endless drama.
sick of this eternal sickness polluting the air i breathe in.
sick of the cold.
sick of not getting any privacy
sick of being lazy
sick of not being able thot hink i am jsut so fucking sick of everything i cant even think straight why wont people leave me alone i need time bymyself i wanna runaway. I WANNA RUNAWAY. I FUCKING WANNA RUNAWAY. 


  1. I read your about-me, and then I read this post. And I thought to myself, if only she would read her about-me again, she would remember, what she is, and all this irritating suffering — this nuisance — would just wash away.

  2. wow so people actually read this crazy shit?

    ..and thanks man, you kinda brought some hope.