Monday, July 2, 2012

High on tartaric acid?

Yellow people! /
Sorry i havent been writing for  a while, its just that ever since my holidays started I have been looking for inspiration. Well, today I finally plucked up enough courage to start with that book I always planned to write about. I am not sure what to title it, yet, but its a big thing for me anyways.

Anyways, there isnt much going on in my life these days and I havent really come across anything inspiring or done anything productive. just chilling, eating grapes, enjoying life :P

Oh yea, that reminds me, you should give yourself some time to relax every once in a while. Just take a break and chill out. have grapes? :D come over to my crib, we shall partyyyy OH DEAR READERS!! :D haha its almost 4 am here in camel land and i am high, on tartaric acid maybe? been awake all night :3

oh and check out, Part of Me by katy perry, its really awesome! haha look at me. I cant believe i am actually writing this entire shit as someones gonna read it excpet syavash might? :P

OH oh oh and and and Its been a long time since I have been waiting fo avril to come up with a good album. even though she means a lott o me and has been my favorite singer for 6 years, things are changing now. She has changed, may be grown to boring for me? Well, she has definitely changed after her divorce with derick and i cant say i havent changed! so I dont know whose to blame? But Katy perry is my favorite singer now.

I will always love avril to bits now, and even now she is one of those people whom I dream of meeting. I still remmeber standing in my lounge at my home back in lahore, listening to her single My happy ending, form her album under my skin. How i had seen spider man in the video and immediately fell in love. Under My skin was quite popular those days on MTV. So that was the first english song I properly listened to and I loved it. and ever since, Avril Lavigne had been my favorite singer. She still has a special place in my heart, its just i cant relate to her album goodbye lullaby so much and i have been waiting for her to come up with another single since march 2011. Ah well, time holds a great power to change things. to change people.

Anyways yea thats pretty much it for today, peace out people.
love you all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


hi.i dont feel like writing lengthy stuff these days.
lfe sucks.
sick of people.
sick of all the endless drama.
sick of this eternal sickness polluting the air i breathe in.
sick of the cold.
sick of not getting any privacy
sick of being lazy
sick of not being able thot hink i am jsut so fucking sick of everything i cant even think straight why wont people leave me alone i need time bymyself i wanna runaway. I WANNA RUNAWAY. I FUCKING WANNA RUNAWAY.