Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yet Another Teenage Rivalry

Back in grade 9 I used to have a rivalry, I hated her and she hated me because thats what rivalries are. And since I am the kind of person who does not hate people without a logic, I had a very valid reason for this hatred, she was a two faced person and I hate two faced people. She used to taunt me and bother me and so on, the typical. I left the school and very soon I realized how stupid I was to think about that rivalry all the time, I was wasting my time thinking about what some girl said to me. And now once again I have found yet another rivalry but this time I have decided not to let her get into my head and rather focus on more important stuff I have to do in my life.
Now, you must be wondering why I am wasting my precious time talking about her, well the point is, I wanted to give this advice to all of you people out there who are wasting their so very precious time pondering about their rivalries when they can surely do better stuff in life. Rivalries are nothing but a waste of time, and soon you will be realizing this. Almost every person has a rivalry at a certain stage of life, not only in their teenage but even in their adulthood. But you shouldn't really give a damn about what they say, just ignore and walk away. Thats what I did today and that's what I'll do from now on and so should you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

That Hollywood Moment

Hey Everyone. Today I'd like to share an experience with you. My first "Hollywood moment." I have always wanted to be someone big in my life, to do something different, to be unique. I am a struggling writer, an unofficial photographer, a lyricist and many more. Today I thought it was my golden chance to hit the big screen, that sort of thing that usually happens in movies, how a small town girl all of a sudden gets a chance to realize her dream..

 A girl came up to me in academy and asked me whether I knew about the Global Peace Conference which is between students of different countries. And since I am of the right age I got really excited after hearing that and was very much looking forward to apply for it. Its a big opportunity and a very big thing which I thought might be helpful for me in future so I got the number of the in charge from her and called him up when I came home. All my way back from academy I kept praying and thinking that this might be it. My golden opportunity to get closer to my dream. But when I called him and told him that I am a private candidate of O levels and want to know the details as I look forward to apply for the interview he flatly refused to give me any information saying that it was not their policy to allow private candidates to participate. I was speechless for a few seconds on the phone, I soo badly wanted it but I couldn't participate just because i was a private candidate. That was harsh but of course, one can not argue with mother nature so I just thanked him politely and hung up the phone. But I am not going to give up on my dreams so easily and neither should you, there will be more and  better opportunities in future, at least thats what I hope. And since I strongly belief that what happens happens, happens for the best, I am not going to give up this easily. There will surely be another way, another chance for me to show myself to the world, to show who I truly am, and succeed.

bye now x)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A ray of Hope.

Hello everyone. Today as I begin to write, I once again have a thousand things on my mind and before I opened this blog, I was reading the blog of my favorite author, Paulo Coelho. and his writing inspired me to write. Not the fact how amazing and popular he is, but  what he had written convinced em to persuade this blog as publishing a book, remains to be one of my many goals in life.

He had actually posted a page from his book, the Alchemist. That book is  a ray of  hope for me and will surely act as one for those who dream. And since everybody has a dream, because thats the only reason why they strive and work so hard, I think that everybody should read it. And if not the entire book, read this;

There isn't much to write about, I havent really been in touch with my diary either, but I think that this link of an inspirational note should do the trick ;)

Oh and one more thing, in my opinion every one should work for the betterment of humanity. So that we all have a better future. People should stop bring selfish and just once, Once, in their lifetime to do something for the betterment of humanity.

okie, bye now.(btw just now I was going to write "love you all" then I realized I don't really have any readers :S)  well, maybe I should start publishing the link of this blog here and there. x)