Saturday, January 8, 2011

A passionate Writer

hello. I wonder if anyone is ever going to read this blog for I don't actually post the links of my blog anywhere and never do I give others's their links( i have 2 more blogs, shhhhh ;D ).
 I have  always been a quiet and reserved soul though I can become quite euphoric when I'm with people my age. But that's not the point. The thing is that I've always been a diary writer, a passionate diary writer. I love to write and I also love using the computer so instead of writing all this, which I'm about to write, on a piece of actual paper I decided to make a blog.
I had one before as well but due to certain reasons, I stopped writing in it/ (I'll share the reasons with you some other time but not now, I have a lot on mind right now.) Actually, I always have a lot on mind. I can never stop thinking (except when i'm asleep of course) and that's what urges me to write. My mind gets cramped up by thoughts which I can not hold in my head anymore and thus I begin to write. I haven't written much for the past few weeks, just a few diary entries but now, I was just about to study but I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate. Once in a while I just need to write a lengthy piece of writing which does not contain the past incidents of my life, but my thoughts. I do keep a diary as well but in it I usually share and write about what has been going in my life on where as on my blog I just let my thoughts flow free irrespective of the fact whether they are making any sense or not. 
I just need to empty my head every once in a while so I write a blog otherwise I can't concentrate on my studies (which I need to do since I have big exams coming up this May D: ) And that's the reason why I am going to conclude this post now and hit my books. 
There's a lot more I'd like to write about for I am a passionate writer but some other time. If I continue right now, I wont be able to stop myself for the next few hours. even right now while I'm writing this a lot is going through my mind especially the fact that I am simply not able to stop myself from pressing the keys on the keyboard in front of me and sharing my thoughts.
But I should stop this at once (though i'll be coming back pretty soon) but anyways, Bye for now :)

Oh, one more thing. The reason why the name of this blog is recalcitrant thoughts is because it's true, I have uncontrollable thoughts and that's the reason why I just can't prevent myself from writing right now. Although I should be saying farewell to you (I don't even know who this "you" is for any one hardly ever reads my blog but anyways, Bye you :D ) OH WAIT, I STILL HAVEN'T completed my sentence, so as I WAS SAYING,  ALTHOUGH I SHOULD BE SAYING farewell to you, I can't because in my head these thoughts are deep and UNCONTROLLABLE. (Next time i go to a super market, I'm gonna buy a whip for them ;] )
Anyways, Bye now :D